National Board

The National Board is elected by representatives from all medical schools at the annual National Conference. Meet the members of the National Board below:

APAMSA National Board 2013-2014

APAMSA National Board 2013-2014

Kevin Riutzel

Touro University Nevada, M2


Originally from Glendale, CA – Undergrad at UC San Diego, grad work at Columbia, worked for the 9-1-1 system in SD, worked in private industry, Hyatt for 7 years, P.F. Chang’s, In-N-Out, and even on a food truck!

In my brief little time in this world, I’ve seen a lot of death and tragedy. APAMSA offers me a chance to make a difference as a medical student. In the 10 more months I have as president, my goal is to bring all the lessons I’ve learned throughout my different careers to help improve the current infrastructure in place to make everything as easy for everyone as possible. We’re arguably the busiest types of students (both med and pre-med), so we’ve got to make every second count. Look forward to serving you all!!

CalvinCalvin Sheng

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, M3

Senior Membership Vice President

I was born in Shanghai, China, and moved to the US when I was 8 years old. I started by learning my ABC’s in 3rd grade here and have come a long way since then. I went to Duke University for undergrad and now attend Vanderbilt for med school. As an individual who was raised deeply rooted in Chinese cultures, I have developed a keen sense of current events in Asia, especially health-related issues due to my professional interest. Serving my 2nd year on the national board now as the senior MVP, I hope to continue to expand our organization to more chapters across the country and through which promote greater and active awareness of API issues faced.

Andy LiuAndy Liu

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M2

Junior Membership Vice President

I’m a M2 at Einstein and past chapter president of Einstein APAMSA. Born in PA to Taiwanese parents, grew up in Jersey, studied computer science at Columbia, and interested in the application of technology to healthcare.

I am passionate about the work we do in APAMSA, identifying and advocating for the health needs of the APIA community and spreading awareness of issues often masked by the model minority stereotype. As every student’s background and journey to med school is unique, it is our responsibility to spread the word, expose our peers to the disparities and needs, and get more members and chapters involved. Please feel free to reach out to me or any of us on board, we’re happy to share our experiences.


Pratik Talati

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, G2 (MSTP)

Chief Financial Officer

I’m serving my third term as National APAMSA’s Chief Financial Officer. I am currently in my fourth year of training in the Medical Scientist Training Program at Vanderbilt University. My dissertation work involves identifying biomarkers of schizophrenia using human imaging techniques.


Richard Tang

Tulane University School of Medicine, M1


I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and have since moved steadily eastward to California, Texas, and (now) New Orleans. I am now hard at work (whenever I’m not busily hardly working) through my first year of medical school.

I am not sure what the future holds for me, but I know that besides directly caring for patients as a physician, I am also interested in being involved with helping the changing American health care system become more effective at helping patients. Working as an officer of APAMSA has taught me much, and I look forward to continue working with my peers.

RobertRobert Hsu

Tulane University School of Medicine, M2


I’m a second year medical student at Tulane, and while I’m from New York, I’ve lived all over the country from Maryland to Massachusetts to Florida to Ohio to even Nebraska for two years and now I’m here at the Big Easy of all places (New Orleans) for medical school! I’m very passionate about working with the healthcare community and enjoy running and following the Giants, Yankees, and Knicks in my very little spare time.

Growing up, I heard a lot about different health issues through my father, who is a physician, but very little specifically pertaining to the APIA community. I think that we need to have a greater voice so that others won’t hear so little like I did and so I decided to pursue being your Secretary so that I could play a role in helping APAMSA try to better advocate and share key issues that we face such as a greater susceptibility to diabetes, Hepatitis B prevalence, and immigrant health. I’m very receptive to any ideas that you all might have!

Hillary Lin

Hillary Lin

Stanford University School of Medicine, M3

Alumni Liasion

My name is Hillary Lin, and I am honored to be on the National Board of APAMSA for the 3rd year running. I am now working as Alumni Liaison to develop and maintain our vast network for years to come.

I am very proud to be part of the APAMSA organization, which encompasses the effort of Asian American medical students throughout the nation. This year, I am working with NCAPIP and APAMSA alumni to create a stronger network of students and physicians working towards improving Asian American health. My hope is to make our work more lasting and effective by promoting connections between members, both old and new. In this way, we can better solve the problems of our community, which are in many aspects due to information and social issues. I am optimistic about what APAMSA can do for Asian American health during this generation.


Justin Teng

University of Michigan School of Medicine, M3


I was born in Hong Kong, and moved to California when I was seven. At UC Berkeley I majored in Integrative Biology with a minor in Chinese. During my off-year, I learned web design originally in order to build a website for my father’s company and for my photography interests.

Over this past year, I’ve focused on continuing to establish APAMSA as a national organization with the view that the website is the public face of our organization. As such, I’ve rebuilt the website over the last year to provide a more modern standard. This year, with our new co-webmaster, Ruey, we aim to continue improving our standards. My personal goals this year are to fine-tune our individual branches’ pages, provide a sense of permanence to our organization by establishing a history of our national and regional conferences, and to facilitate communication among local chapters by increasing their presence within our national website. We would be very open to your suggestions and feedback. Thank you.

Jiun-Ruey Hu Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Jiun-Ruey Hu

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, M1


Hi everyone! My name is Ruey. I’m a first-year medical student at Vanderbilt. I grew up in Toronto and studied at Princeton, where I majored in molecular biology and minored in Chinese language and culture, neuroscience, and applications of computing. I am very passionate about public policy.

It is my great pleasure to be your co-webmaster this year. Collaborating with multiple board members, I have been working to build an online merchandise store to APAMSA. I have been working to streamline our internal resources and web presence and devise sustainable ways to best maintain institutional memory. My immediate aim is to take up responsibility for website maintenance and content updates together with Justin in order to best facilitate the work of the project directors. My long-term aim is twofold: firstly, to work with all project directors to bring in mobile-based and social-based technologies to facilitate our diverse set of initiatives; and secondly, to work with our communications team to give our local chapters a voice on the national website. I am thrilled and honored to serve APAMSA. Please direct all your web ideas and concerns to Justin and me. We want to hear from you.

Jenny Wang

Jenny Z. Wang

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M1

Public Relations Director

Hi! My name is Jenny Wang, and I am currently a 1st year at Einstein. I have a background in graphic design and have been involved with marketing as an undergraduate. As this year’s Public Relations Chair, my job is to increase APAMSA’s exposure nationally. I am focusing on social media to bring awareness to our organization’s goals and projects. This year, I hope to bring local chapters together by spotlighting specific chapters on Facebook each week. This is a chance for members across the nation to see what each of everyone is up to. I am also working with prospective partners for our conference next year, to further increase our visibility in the medical world. Next year, I want to generate more club merchandise to create a sense of unity within our organization.

Janet Lee

Janet Lee

University of Southern California, MS Global Medicine

Database Director

I graduated USC May 2013 with my Master’s in Global Medicine. I have served on the National APAMSA board for the past 5 years. Currently, I am working full-time as the Executive Manager of United Real Estate Pasadena & Beverly Hills. In my free time, I dance, act, sing and model.

My goal for APAMSA to grow our membership database. My goal for life is to find happiness and to do good.


Randy Luu

Tulane University School of Medicine, M2

External Health Advocacy Director

I grew up in San Francisco, went to UC Irvine for undergrad, and studied abroad at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I go to medical school in New Orleans and have amassed over 25 pounds of Mardi Gras beads.

Working with many diverse, underserved populations before I started medical school has given me a better understanding of health disparities including homelessness, racism, homophobia, HIV-related stigma, and cultural and linguistic barriers. Last year I had the great opportunity to mobilize APAMSA chapters nationwide in national campaigns including HIV/AIDS in the A&PI community, immigrant health reform, language access in the Affordable Care Act, Hepatitis B discrimination, and diversity in medicine issues. It has furthered my interest in health advocacy and community health, and I plan to continue expanding on these efforts.

Arjun Gokhale

Arjun Gokhale

Washington University in St. Louis, M1

Internal Health Advocacy Director

Hi! I’m a first year at Wash U and hope to go into either Emergency Medicine or Trauma. I’m also interested in healthcare policy and preventative medicine. I took two years off before medical school to work at Epic, helping implement electronic medical record software across the country.

My motivation for joining APAMSA as a health advocacy director is that I believe that I can make an impact in Asian-American healthcare by educating our members on the key issues afflicting our communities. There are many ways that we can make noticeable positive impacts in the Asian-American community as medical students and I think health advocacy is a great medium for facilitating participation nationally. My goals for the year are to maintain the healthcare advocacy website as an important resource for local chapters, to effectively disseminate information nationally about what different chapters are doing and to encourage local chapters to tackle new and ambitious projects.


Monica Ajinkya

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M1

Community Outreach Initiative Director

Having grown up in a diverse Virginian suburb of Washington, D.C., I was very active within the South Asian and larger Asian communities throughout high school. That interest in raising awareness of issues affecting our communities locally and abroad followed me to college, where I continued to advocate on behalf of Asian American communities in the Philadelphia area.

In medical school while serving on your APAMSA national board, I hope to continue promoting community outreach initiatives among school chapters by helping you brainstorm ideas and facilitating their execution. I plan to send out monthly newsletters covering a new issue affecting the health of Asian communities in the United States or abroad, and I’ll include ideas for and from various APAMSA chapters to raise awareness. I’ll also seek updates from chapters about successful projects so I can include information about them in the newsletters. Also, in the spring, I will review proposals for the grant that is given out yearly to support an APAMSA chapter’s community outreach project. Ultimately, I just want to be a resource for APAMSA chapter leaders to use to bounce ideas off of and to seek advice for implementing community outreach project proposals. Good luck, and do APAMSA proud!

Emily Trinh

Emily Trinh

Rush Medical College, M1

Health Disparities Initiative Chair

Hi! My name is Emily and I’m from Pasadena, CA. I graduated from Duke University in 2011 and attended Georgetown University’s Master’s Program in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I am currently an M1 at Rush Medical College.

As the Health Disparities Initiative Chair, I hope to act as a resource and to work with APAMSA chapters in addressing health disparities that affect their respective patient population. I look forward to engaging in real change through local projects as well as national campaigning. This year, I would like to encourage us to bring our attention to mental health and to continue our efforts in “Breaking the Silence in APIA Health,” the theme from our national conference. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help planning events or if you would like national board to emphasize on any specific health disparity.

Hieu Pham

Hieu Pham

Rush Medical College, M1

Global Health Director

I have always been interested in global health research and service. My experiences in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have shaped the way I view the world and the issues of health and healthcare equity.

As an idol of mine, Dr. Paul Farmer has encouraged many medical students to continue serving the underserved and bridging the health disparity gaps that exist inter-nationally. In this age of globalization, it is crucial for medical students to be exposed to the burdens of healthcare that exist globally and appreciate the health and healthcare conditions that exist in other countries. I believe that will play a role in shaping our identity as future physician-advocates. As the Director of Global Health, I hope to make global health experiences—whether through research, service, lectures, etc.—more readily available to interested students.

Jenny Y. Wang


Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M2

Cancer Initiative Director

Hi! I’m Jenny, and I’m the Cancer Initiative Director. I grew up in Indiana and Kansas, and then I went to Duke University where I majored in Neuroscience. Currently, I’m an MSII at Einstein!

As the Cancer Initiative Director, I have currently been working with the National Cancer Institute to create an Asian Pacific Islander (API) Cancer Awareness Day that will be nationally recognized. Additionally, I hope to encourage chapters to hold events in which they invite a cancer survivor to speak to a group of medical students, physicians, or community members about their experience with cancer. I will assist in these events by contacting oncologists in your institution or support groups to find cancer survivors willing to speak to others. Through these events, community members as well as students can gain awareness of the disease, share information on cancer, and provide greater access to helpful services.

Angelina She


University of Maryland School of Medicine, M1

Bone Marrow Initiative Director

Hello! My name is Angelina. I’m from Maryland through and through (grade school, undergrad, and now, med school). Despite the fact that I might seem like a East coast homebody, one of my greatest passions is travel. I’ve studied abroad in 6 countries and I hope to visit many more. I’m a huge advocate for APA issues as well as an APA history buff. I am currently undecided to what field of medicine I hope to pursue, but have a budding interest in surgery.

As your APAMSA National Marrow Director this year, I hope to advocate for the critical importance of having more APA representation in national bone marrow registries. While applying to medical school, I watched Janet Liang’s heartwrenching YouTube video of her fear of dying in the event she couldn’t find a match for a bone marrow transplant. I had no idea that APAs needing bone marrow transplants faced tough odds on finding a non-familial match. As a Chinese-American, I immediately registered myself as a potential donor in hopes of helping someone like Janet. But I felt that I needed to do more. My ultimate hope for my position this year is to inspire others, especially those in the APA community, to register (just as Janet inspired me to years ago). I am looking forward to working with APAMSA chapters across the nation in this campaign!

Andy Tien


Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, M1

Hepatitis B Initiative Director

I grew up in Los Angeles, California and completed my undergraduate at UCLA in Neuroscience and Economics. After learning about the hepatitis B epidemic in my undergraduate years, I became heavily involved in APAMSA, Team HBV at UCLA, and the Asian Pacific Liver Center where I raised awareness about hepatitis B and organized free hepatitis B screenings.

As the new Hepatitis B Initiative Director, I hope to help APAMSA chapters nationwide brainstorm and execute new hepatitis B initiatives. I also hope to create unified hepatitis B educational materials that all chapters can use as well as organize nationwide APAMSA hepatitis B events. I will also do my best to support all existing hepatitis B projects that are out there and to provide as many resources as I can to all chapters. If you ever need any advice about hepatitis B related projects, please feel free to contact me. I encourage every chapter to join in on the fight against hepatitis B.

Michelle Chen


UCLA School of Public Health

Hepatitis Conference Director

I am currently a first year MPH student at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health majoring in Health Policy and Management. I have been involved in APAMSA since being an undergraduate at UCLA.

As the Hepatitis Conference Director, I hope to continue the tradition of organizing highly successful and educational conferences for medical students from around the nation! At the November 2014 Conference in Boston, I hope to increase the number of attendees and provide more opportunities for students and physicians to interact at the conference. In addition to learning about Hepatitis from well-respected leaders in the field, the conference is aiming to further encourage, inspire, and motivate students to work together to fight this silent killer in the various Asian American populations in the United States.

Kelly Chen


Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M2

Academic Education Director

Hey guys! My name is Kelly and I am a MS-II at Albert Einstein College of Medicine along with being your Academic Education Director for APAMSA. I grew up in Nashville, TN and went to college at Emory University in Georgia where I majored in Biology and Political Science.

As the Academic Education Director, I hope to find resources, scholarships, and internship opportunities for our members. Medical students are very busy and often do not have time to dedicate a huge chunk of time to search for these resources. My goal is to a create a comprehensive page that have various resources that might be appealing to our members. I hope to keep our Academic Education Resource page updated on as well as to include deadlines for the various opportunities in our newsletter.

Ram Reddy


Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M2

South Asian Initiatives Director

I am from Rochester, NY and went to Boston College for my undergrad. I enjoy playing sports, hanging out with my friends, reading, and traveling. I have been an advocate for South Asian interests in high school by co-founding Bollywood Brighton – a club geared towards raising South Asian awareness in the Rochester community. In addition, I was actively involved in South Asian education and the community in the greater Boston area.

I believe the South Asian Liaison position allows me an opportunity to expand South Asia’s influence within APAMSA and to bring awareness to important health care needs for the South Asian population. Two important risks unique to the South Asian population is that we are at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease due to our diet, and that there are many South Asians with mental health needs that are not getting help because of the stigma of mental health in this culture. I believe, as part of SIGNAP, that I will have an opportunity to interact with South Asian mental health experts in the field and build relationships within the South Asian community. I promise as South Asian Liaison that I will try my best to garner interest in APAMSA from every medical student and to bring awareness of these issues to the general public.

Jessica Li

Columbia University (Premed)

Premedical Affairs Director

(this bio coming soon)

Andy Liao

Andy Liao

Touro University Nevada, M1

National Conference Co-Chair

I have always had a keen interest in the medical sciences, but I didn’t commit to the career path until I began working as an EMT. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, went to college at UC Berkeley, and ended up at Touro University Nevada for my medical education. I am happy to be finally pursuing this career path and I wish to help others pursue theirs. As National Conference co-Chair, I will do my best to make the 2014 National Conference a success and bring osteopathic medicine into the spotlight.

Jay Kim

Jay Kim

Touro University Nevada, M1

National Conference Co-Chair

Hello all. My name is Jay and I am a first year at Touro University Nevada. I say I am from California to keep things simple, but I am actually from all over the country and beyond. During my free time I enjoy picking things up and drinking plenty of fluids.

My primary goal as a member of the national conference committee is to help plan and execute a successful national conference. The APAMSA national conference will seek to address the various health disparities that affect Asian American and Pacific Islander communities with special emphasis on mental health issues. Feel free to contact me, or any of the other conference committee members, with feedback or suggestions concerning the national conference. Thank you.

Alicia Huang

Touro University Nevada, M1

National Conference Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Alicia Huang and I was born and raised in Hawaii. I completed my undergraduate degree at University of Hawaii, double majoring in Biology and Education. I am currently a first year at Touro University – Nevada.

I am very passionate in advocating for health education and prevention for the Asian and Pacific Islander population. As one of the national conference chairs, I look forward to raising awareness of the issues API face and hope to put on a spectacular conference!

JiEun Kim

JiEun Kim

Touro University Nevada, M1

National Conference Co-Chair

Hey everyone!

My name is Jieun Kim and I am a first year at Touro University in fabulous Las Vegas! I actually grew up in Las Vegas and did my undergraduate studies at University of Nevada Las Vegas so it’s been great being so close to home while starting school. In the future I want to be able to practice geriatric medicine. I’ve always been super close to my grandma which is why I still have this passion to work with older adults in the future. Enough of about me though,I am super excited to have joined APAMSA and be involved in planning this years national conference. I can’t wait to see people I’ve already met and more new faces at the conference. Thanks for reading!

Past Board Members