APAMSA’s hepatitis project has awarded tens of thousands of dollars in grants to APAMSA chapters countrywide. These grants have been used to screen those at risk for viral hepatitis infection as well as to provide education for medical students who will be leading the efforts in hepatitis awareness.

Hepatitis B/C Screenings

  • Provide free screenings and/or vaccinations at street fairs.

  • Incorporate a hepatitis clinic at a community clinic or at a mobile clinic that aids underserved communities.

  • Work with the American Cancer Society or local health department in implementing hepatitis screenings.

Hepatitis B/C Education

  • Invite guest speakers (e.g. hepatologists, GIs, public health experts, patients and/or families affected by HBV/HCV) to hold educational seminars targeting high-risk patients at large community festivals, community clinics, supermarkets, restaurants, community centers, and organizations.

  • Hold educational seminars in dorms, classrooms, health fairs, and churches.

  • Organize educational classes where participants become certified to educate others on hepatitis.

Hepatitis Grant Application