Monthly Chapter Captures

MCCs detail your chapter’s activity for each month that’s due the 3rd of every following month and can be submitted HERE

  • This is a form REQUIRED for a chapter to maintain active status. Reactivation fees may be necessary after missing >3 captures, however you may back submit MCCs at any time. MCC submissions are also used to select events to feature on the APAMSA newsletter, and we also use them to select Chapter Awards at the yearly APAMSA National Conference.

  • Activity includes chapter meetings, fundraising events, volunteer events, etc. If you have no activity/events, the form is still to be submitted (most of the sections will be empty). A late submission is better than no submission!

  • MCC Tips:

    • Include photos/videos with your events if you can!

    • See below for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

    • Check here first to see if your chapter has submitted yet.


  1. What is the Monthly Chapter Capture?

    • A chance to request support from national/regional board, to share exciting news/events from your chapter and to give feedback!

  2. Where can I access the form?

  3. Issues with emails?

    • Update your roster by emailing For other support, email

  4. What is this used for?

    • Chapter awards, allocation of resources/support, sponsorship, project ideas, social media, and more!

  5. How long will this take?

    • < 10 min. if you have events/news to share with us and/or if you have support to request! < 3 min. if you have neither.

  6. Should I submit if I don’t have anything new to share?

    • Yes! We want to make sure that we haven’t lost communication. In this case, the capture takes < 3 mins!

  7. What happens after?

    • A pdf of your responses will be sent to you and the national and regional board.

    • Your regional director will contact you for any requested support. Please email them or the national membership director for any issues.

    • Your event may be selected to be featured, so stay tuned to APAMSA emails, social media, and website!