Medical Mandarin Guides

UCLA CMIG Medical Mandarin Course

We have prepared this course in the hopes of creating a healthcare workforce to better care for the Chinese Diaspora. In this course designed for intermediate and advanced Mandarin speakers, we will introduce you to the vocabulary and phrases commonly encountered in clinical settings. Each chapter is devoted to one or a group of specialties. At the end of each chapter, there are practice phrases and mock interviews that you can use to test your understanding. Additionally, Anki decks with voice narration are provided for each chapter. That being said, only knowing individual words and phrases is not enough; understanding the connotation and cultural differences are important to clear communication and avoid offense. The “cultural notes” in each chapter clarify terms and points out inadequacy of translations.

Course materials can be accessed here. The workbooks and Anki decks for all 10 lessons are already available, as well as the first 3 pre-recorded lecture videos. Future videos will be released on our website every 2 weeks. Join our listserv to be notified when new videos are added!

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