Asian Pacific American
Medical Student Association


The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) is a national organization of medical and pre-medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities. APAMSA serves as a forum for student leaders to engage these health issues and develop initiatives and projects addressing those needs. The local, regional, and national activities of APAMSA aim to promote the health of the APIA community and help healthcare workers understand how to care for APIA patients in a culturally sensitive manner. Finally, APAMSA provides an important venue for medical students to meet, exchange experiences, and develop personally and professionally through leadership and service. Read more.

Dear APAMSA family:

In response to your requests and inspired by your advocacy, we are proud to release our National APAMSA Anti-Asian Racism Toolkit.

This toolkit, intended to guide individuals and chapters to advocate within their institutions and to collaborate for large-scale change, includes:

  • Chapter resources

  • Social media infographics

  • Partner organizations and contacts

  • Template letter for requesting institutional support, including National APAMSA-endorsed demands

...and will be continually updated in response to your needs and national events.

Follow this link to request access to the Toolkit.

Not sure how to get started? We’ll be holding a workshop on how to apply these tools at your institution - date/time to be announced soon!

In solidarity,

Your National APAMSA Board

“Leadership is about change, and it starts with you.”

Donna Tran

Welcome to APAMSA! Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our initiatives for Asian American medical students and communities.

Since 1995, the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association has been advocating for the health of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities in our country. Our current efforts are focused on addressing AAPI health disparities, community outreach, Hepatitis B/C, bone marrow registry, cancer initiatives, mental health wellness, advocacy, diversity, and cross-cultural and linguistic barriers to care. This year, we are expanding on our initiatives to empower our members to address anti-Asian racism and social isolation during the COVID pandemic, officialize membership, and strengthen our relationships with alumni/physicians, pre-medical students, peer student organizations, and minority Asian groups.

As the largest, official medical student organization focusing on AAPI health issues, our members are committed to improve their local communities and create nationwide, systemic changes. Historically, our AAPI issues have been silenced and ignored but with an exponential rise of anti-Asian racism, we are gathering to create a momentous change and amplify the voices of our local communities.

Join us in fulfilling our 2021 National Goals:

  • Prioritize supporting local chapters and members while confronting the COVID pandemic and anti-Asian racism.

  • Revamp the official Membership process to benefit our members and foster inclusive environments by funding more local projects.

  • Engage with us at our Annual National Conference, Annual Hepatitis Conference, any of our Regional Conferences, and multiple national events.

  • Empower all members to do leadership through their local chapters, national training programs, and mentoring/networking.

  • Strengthen our Alumni and Pre-Medical relationships and uplift diverse minority Asian groups (South Asian, Southeast Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+).

  • Support National Initiatives that reflect our values such as community outreach, hepatitis projects, research, sponsorship, and connecting local and national APAMSA.

You can stay involved and be a part of our movement! Join our listserv here and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Participate in your local chapter leadership, start a new chapter, connect with our alumni network, participate in AAPI advocacy opportunities, and more! 2021 is our comeback. Leadership is about change. At APAMSA, we believe that all students can do leadership and make a difference in your communities. We stand united and stay hopeful together.

“The meaning of life is to give life meaning.” ― Viktor E. Frankl

Donna Tran
National President

Intro to APAMSA